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Practice 30 -- Kimimi

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2021-03-02


Just practicing w/ colors, brushes, shadows, and painting skins. Based on reference photo of bra model Julian Julsin


  • pencil recreations Mar 8

    funny how some times the drawing takes just that little bit extra..I still respect artists using color which skin tones are my weakness to create (something I have to work on .,but in graphite well I enjoy the shading I like your style ,really nice feel...really good likeness in the way you have drawn this.... had a peek at her bio on google not heard of her have got her likeness

    NoraKimi Mar 22

    You think so? Thanks a lot for this comment

  • pencil recreations Mar 4

    neatly done love the way you have drawn this

    NoraKimi Mar 5

    Thank you! I think the hair was the most difficult part though lol. Didn't go initially the way I wanted to. I had to do it like 3 times

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