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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2021-02-24



Challenge: pencil recreations VS caratulion


  • pencil recreations Apr 27

    Hi Caratulion..well that was different..the challenge had hung about of a long time so thank you for the clearance and the arm wrestle that almost hopped over me very close....surprised me with the frog..(which is very well done and had votes to boot)Love your gallery so many beautiful art works ..Thought I would draw more during covid but have been quiet and pre occupied with other things..but nice to have you wake me up..its interesting that you chose a frog because marvel comics had Frogman as a super hero not the same costume as yours but the similarity in name is well noted..I thought the 400 points would be hard to get a response and it took quite a while but any way again thanks will catch up again soon. Nev..

    caratulion Apr 27

    thank you very much for your words your works are very good too thank you very much for being such a good player take care of yourself

  • Jeanpooh Mar 7

    Love the eyes so relaxed

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