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I,m off

Type: painting Uploaded: 2021-01-24


After we told our dog that we were going to get a cat, we think he gave up, grabbed his Bindle and was about to leave. After a few knees and a lot of dog snacks, he wanted to watch it for a little while longer. I know, it is not a dream wold creature but... Nevertheless.


  • pencil recreations Feb 3

    Aaww!! poor little dog. .My first reaction was a laugh and then a little sympathy ..just a cutie.. Is bindle a new word for swag?

    Ed Schaap Feb 5

    It's a 'knapzak' in dutch, a stick with a e.g. tea towel in which you keep food, and then you hit the road ;)

  • Jeanpooh Mar 7

    You definitely have an art signature love your delightful little creatures hopefully the Walt Disney group get to see them and you get noticed

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