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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2020-12-13


Little collab of my first drawings to the left and later drawings of the bond boys to the right...happy to say I have improved ..


  • trevorp Dec 14

    You can certainly see how your ability has improved over time Nev. Am eagerly awaiting the new James Bond film due out in April, 2021.

    pencil recreations Dec 15

    Hi Trev...thanks for the comment .. ..yeah I am waiting to see it to.. should be just fantastic ..Actually made the mistake that Tenet was the first non white bond I went and seen it ..was totally confused at the start and it appears you really have to see that movie a couple of times to understand the total plot.. love the way it unfolds though...I still think Roger pips Daniel but love em both. .Great to see you are still doing those oh so detailed dino's you rock for patience my friend . so delicate those lines ...Death Louis has given me a bit of a serve up lately but that was fun He is such a good portrait drawer as is Snake ..yeah I am a little blessed to be around so many really top artists...Anyways Trev hope you and family have a great Christmas and stay safe ..catch up again shortly..

    trevorp Dec 15

    Hey Nev that TENET movie appeared to be very strange indeed.... looked very bizarre to me. I’ve been watching episodes of the second season of ‘The Mandalorian’ lately. Might now do some new artworks depicting some of the characters from Season One and Two. Have been doing few new artworks of Mega-Fauna but still have a fair bit of work to do to complete them all. I think the best James Bond by far is Sean Connery - then Roger Moore - followed then by Daniel Craig. Then it is probably Pierce Brosnan after that.... Death Louis and Snake are two good adversaries - as they are really hard to beat in the challenges. Keep up the great drawings - as I do look out for them.... Keep safe and enjoy spending time with your family this Christmas- I now have 9 days left until I go on holidays - but who is counting.... Look forward to a catch up soon...

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