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G is for Gremlins

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2020-12-11


In an effort to put more of my love of horror and monsters in my art, I'm making an alphabetical bestiary of movie monsters. I'm also experimenting with some mediums I don't normally use. Should be a fun series! I'm glad this worked out in time for the holidays! Despite being a huge coward as a kid, I really loved watching Gremlins around Christmas (and sometimes in between then). It's still a classic in my household. The sequel isn't as nostalgic to me, but it's also a fun film that's very self aware. Made with watercolor, colored pencils, ink and acrylic paint.


  • pencil recreations Dec 13

    G for great, top detail and very imaginative ...colored well as well...Happy holidays and many top drawings ahead py h

    Armorwing Dec 13

    Thanks so much! Same to you

  • trevorp Dec 14

    Loved the GREMLINS movie...

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