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That Shark again

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2020-11-14


Remember Jaws...a little reminder why I do not swim in the fish playground anymore...loved the movie..The legend lives on...

Challenge: snakedaemon VS pencil recreations


  • pencil recreations Nov 19

    thanks for the comment DD.. that I appreciated ...This little piece is apart of a drawing I did of the actor Roy S who co starred opposite Jaws. Must chase it up and share it.. any ways really nice you took the time and now I am thinking how did that theme song go.... later ...

  • DuskandDawn5 Nov 19

    Good job on this artwork. Now I'm thinking about the theme song for this movie.

    pencil recreations Dec 23

    Thanks dusty bit of reflective fun. .hey hava great Christmas break. (cannot remember the theme song it was a bit like Num --num---numm! nah..Movies were interesting)..catch up again in 2021

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