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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2020-10-23


My drawing of the youtuber markiplier, been watching his videos for years, always gives me a good laugh, such an awesome, funny and nice person!

Challenge: deathlouis VS pencil recreations


  • pencil recreations Oct 30

    Gotta be crazy coming up against you ..this is terrific ...Don't know him but just great to be in a challenge with you....

    deathlouis Oct 31

    You're an incredible artist!! Either way I'll be happy because in my eyes you deserve to win!! =)

  • pencil recreations Nov 7

    MMM!!! NO!!! Markiplier is way to good although I have a chance with Emma...we will c ..long way 2 go

    deathlouis Nov 7

    Well I believe in you! =)

  • pencil recreations Dec 12

    ha ha "FINALLY"....nice one Louis ...boy that took a while ..I visited Kevin in my drawing last week and told him out of ten he rates a six against Markiplier ..he said who's Markiplier?...I think his missus thinks he is a 10..Hey nicely drawn L man I draw you DRAW!!!! and if I don't get around to it in time Happy Christmas and a great new year catch up again soon...Nev

    deathlouis Dec 13

    Hehe I appreciate that, but I'll always love your artwork more!! And thank you, I hope you have an awesome christmas and a happy new year!!! Also much definitely!

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