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Darktober: Comedic Werewolf

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2020-10-12


Inktober is apparently very controversial this year, so to avoid obnoxious comments, I've come up with my own idea. I call it Darktober. I'll only be making 4 pieces (1 for each week). I made one big list of Halloween/horror-related prompts and randomly selected 4. Then I made a list of genres and selected one for each prompt. I'll have to draw that prompt in that certain genre. Honestly, this fits me better anyway as my schedule simply doesn't allow me to make a full piece every day. Word: Werewolf Genre: Comedy Teen Wolf jokes aside, I just really wanted to draw a pet werewolf. I like to imagine it's the family member of the little girl that she's been able to tame. But they have to go on a late-night stroll to keep it happy! Kinda minimalistic, but I didn't want to take away from the focus.

Challenge: Richard J Willis VS Armorwing


  • pencil recreations Oct 17

    thats a don't argue with me look on both their faces ...nicely done

  • czmanga Nov 6

    I like the expressions ! Spooky....

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