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A model and some ghosts

Type: painting Uploaded: 2020-09-27


Acrylic paints on a small canvas. In the foreground we see my (now) 35 year old radio controlled model (these days with electric motor power). It is a traditionally built wood and fabric aeroplane only 3 ft wingspan. it is a replica of something my Dad built from a kit in the 60s - our first radio-controlled model. I made two, and gave one to him in 1985. Mine has been flying ever since, with maintenance and the odd repair now and then. I am in the blue overalls and beside me is my Dad - with one of his models in the background, then Hamish and Bill. Sadly only my model and I are still alive - the rest are there in spirit only.


  • pencil recreations Sep 28

    Nicely shared Stevie in the perspective that this painting shows both in the height and added verbals..we all suffer lose but the memories live on...great to see you included them in your picture a fine tribute both to them, your flying skills and art skills ...yes really nice

    Stevie The Fixer Oct 10

    Thanks - the model flying behind mins is my Dad's and he is to the left of me - next is Hamish - ex CFI of a gliding club where I worked and who taught me many things and behind the biplane is Bill - a great character.

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