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  • pencil recreations 27 Aug 2020

    just the two of us ...make a good song title...hi Trev hope all is well with you as it is with us ..just had our 50th wedding anniversary celebration and weedding renewal service ..thought I would tell u ...have been quiet with art but have drawn a couple of new ones ...Brother still being treated in Lismore base hospital been 23 months ..borders are closed still so will not be going down in the short term.....spending a fare bit of time at home and learning to sleep in more of a morning ...and watch netflix along with all the little house hold duties ....anyways just a little heads up on our existence ..gotta learn to be passive and laid back like your precious puddy cats ...aways great to catch up with them ...and you...... Nev

    trevorp 1 Sep 2020

    Yeah has a ring to it Nev - we think alike. Have been coping or managing okay ATM. Started wearing a face mask out when I am in large shopping centres. Congrats on celebrating your 50th Wedding Anniversary - that is an amazing achievement in this day and age. Think that there are not many people nowadays remaining married for that long. Sounds as if your brother has been unwell for quite some time. Have enjoyed doing some more drawing recently as it helps to relax and acts like a distraction from the dreaded COVID curse. Will be on holidays shortly so I should be able to finish a few of my older drawings. I will also enjoy watching some Netflix. Stay safe in the meantime Nev. With cheers from Trev

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