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Fall Poetry

By Khobe
Type: painting Uploaded: 2020-07-27


Autumn Landscape in a local forest


  • Jeanpooh Aug 2

    Nice art, love the boldness of your paint brushes

    Khobe Aug 17

    Thanks, you could say it's the impressionist dabbing that makes the brushstrokes come alive as if sculpted with paint, and in a way it is. A beautiful and sensual technique giving an even more powerful expression to a skillful sketch hidden under it.

  • Jeanpooh Sep 8

    Your so right on the impressionist style, you just do it so well

    Khobe Oct 19

    Thank you for your good words.

  • Dakotabudi4 Aug 17

    That’s so good!

    Khobe Aug 17

    Thank you, glad you like my oil painting landscape.

  • bielebny Aug 6

    Yep. Great job.

    Khobe Aug 17

    Thanks, really appreciate what you do also since I'm a sketcher too. It's just I like to do sketches also with colors.

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