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unrequited love

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2020-06-03


With Valentines Day coming up, I've seen many different bloggers posting their favourite couples from Horror. These include Shaun and his girlfriend from 'Shaun Of The Dead', Ash and Linda from 'Evil Dead', Toxie and either Sara or Claire, and to a push Mulder and Scully from 'X-Files' and more. I decided to change it up a little, not by posting my favourite couple, but favourite bad guy - good guy relationship in which unrequited (and eventually requited) love is involved. From which side I do not know, but it's there. One loves, one hates, but infatuation exists. Usually minds go straight to 'A Nightmare On Elm Street', as the relationship between Freddy Krueger and Nancy Thompson is a hard one to crack, from the first Nightmare in which he kills Nancy's boyfriend Glen then tells her on the phone ''I'm your boyfriend now''. To pretending to be her Father in the 3rd film just to get close enough to finally kill her. (Oh, yeah spoilers for some really old films here by the way, and Hellraiser 6) Then eventually to come into the real world, well, a demon in Freddy's form to be accepted by Nancy's actress Heather Langenkamp to fully exist. But the love, or unrequited love I see even more special is that of Kirsty Cotton and Pinhead. From their first meeting it was obvious that Pinhead had a soft spot for her, by making a deal with her to leave her alone for her Uncle who escaped Pinhead and his Cenobites. Even though you can put this as a straight forward deal, it was obvious that his Cenobites wanted to take Kirsty, but Pinhead has rules and he doesn't abide by chaos. The thing is, the soft spot comes in to play when he tries taking her, after taking her uncle Frank back, despite their deal and rules. This is where you know Pinhead wants her. For whatever reason, he for some reason needs Kirsty, it could be from intelligence, or something else completely. Then in 'Hellbound: Hellraiser 2', the box is opened again, this time by a mute girl named Tiffany. Now here's the part which confirms Kirsty is special to Pinhead for some reason. He leaves Tiffany alone, knowing that she was forced into opening the box (that brings the cenobites), it wasn't for pleasure, for pain, the only desire came from enjoying solving puzzles. And Kirsty opening the box in the first film wasn't from what the Cenobites want either, it was to simply send back her killer uncle Frank. This time round Kirsty doesn't even want anything to do with the box or cenobites, but she does travel to Hell to save her father, once again having been tricked by Frank. When escaping, not having opened the box or shown any interest in the Cenobites, they try to claim her again. Then comes in the love from Kirsty, she shows Pinhead a photograph of Captain Elliot Spencer, who Pinhead was before he became a Cenobite. This actually touches him, and he remembers being Human, causing him to protect her from a new Cenobite, the evil Dr. Channard whose Hospital Kirsty was in thanks to the events of the first film. Could this be the reason why Pinhead wanted Kirsty even though it broke his own rules? Did he somehow know she would bring his Humanity back? Picture In 'Hellraiser: Hellseeker' (number 6), we get a new story altogether in which Kirsty returns. She isn't in the film much but it only adds to the whole forbidden love. (Spoilers be ahead if you haven't seen the film). However many years after the events of the second film, Kirsty is now with a guy named Trevor. We find out from the start he isn't such a good guy as he gives Kirsty the Lament Configuration (the puzzlebox) as a present, even though she's told him before how dangerous the box is, actually putting trust into the man to tell him such a crazy impossible story. Kirsty seemingly dies at the beginning of the film, whereas in reality, it is Trevor who dies and is moving through Limbo, seeing strange things happen and finding out slowly what is real. Trevor actually wanted to use the box to kill Kirsty, knowing Pinhead will kill her if he's real, so he can get money from her disappearance. Kirsty is actually perfectly fine and dandy. In reality she actually opened the box after Trevor gave it to her and made yet another deal with Pinhead. Five souls in replace of hers. Pinhead reminds her that she wants him there, and that he's grateful for Franks return in the first film, but also that when he protected her from Channard, she owed him. He then even compliments her after she tells him the deal by saying "You've become a great adversary", in which then Kirsty replies "I've had a great teacher". Pinhead's face becomes a slight smile, and in a softer voice accepts the deal. Then come the comics, which are a whole new story. Kirsty is still looking for a way to destroy all the boxes and Pinhead and his Cenobites. But Pinhead is looking to get out and become Human, for various reasons. I can't say the true reasons behind as the comics are quite new out and I don't want to spoil the story. Eventually they make a deal of Kirsty to become the new Pinhead in place of Pinhead becoming Elliot again. The comics are still going and I recommend you read them, it's a brilliant story and adds more speculation to the forbidden love theory. Clive Barker is a genius, for a similar love story see his film 'Candyman'. All the evidence to me shows that Kirsty and Pinhead admire and do to an extent love each other. A kind of Romeo and Juliet thing going on, but even more of a horrific way of being in love. Let me know what you think about all of this, whether you agree or disagree.


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