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Type: contest Uploaded: 2020-05-04


Well.. they are yellow flowers! (mostly)


  • pencil recreations May 22

    and oh ohh!!!! should have checked who suggested the next game...hmmm!!! yes will be interesting...

    TWINS2 May 25

    Good luck!!

  • pencil recreations May 22

    Hi Twins, and Louise especially, I was just surprised to see the dots got home and just dropping in to say it was so good to see your entry in yellow ran 2nd ...Snuck in a head of you this time ..I also was happy to see more entries in this one as they have been a bit scarce lately...Be interesting this next game pertaining to underwater world ...interested to see what you might enter and after seeing octopus playing field just recently yes it will be interesting.. I love your originality and the color system you used in the sunflowers the pattern and lighting ..well done and catch up again shortly Nev

    TWINS2 May 25

    Hi nev! Thank you as always..I just saw that my topic has been chosen so I have to come up with something! but I look forward to it, there is indeed not much new input for a while now.. I hope that wil change soon- susses with the contest! Louise

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