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May the 4th Be With You 2020!

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2020-05-04


Happy Star Wars Day everyone! I decided to do a big tribute piece to the franchise, involving my family once again to give me some characters to draw. Since they were characters from all over the place, I decided to theme this as "Star Wars across all mediums and generations". I really proud of this one! Hope you all enjoy and have a great day! Speedpaint:

Challenge: snakedaemon VS Armorwing


  • dnprostudio May 6

    so nice art work for this star wars

  • pencil recreations May 4

    So well done Arma ...detail perfect and adding the two in the sky with the death star added magic ...and the title great.. yeah may the force be with you in all your arty future drawings ..thumbs up collage ...yeah happy star wars day ...

    Armorwing May 5

    Thank you, and happy Star Wars day to you too!

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