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Darksiders Steeds Sketch

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2020-05-03


I've been in a Darksiders mood real bad lately, so I sketched out the busts of the Horsemen's steeds. I've been thinking about doing some headcannon designs of the horses, maybe the Horseman, and giving the younger three their own small animal companions like Death's crow Dust. So stay tuned for that!


  • dnprostudio 6 May 2020

    great work

  • pencil recreations 4 May 2020

    nice lil collection could have for me been the 4 horses of the apocalypse....not familiar with darksiders so will have to do a heads up and google check up to keep up with the theme for your next drawings......anyways thumbs up and keep up the great artwork ...

    Armorwing 5 May 2020

    Thanks! I'll be doing headcanon style projects to explain how I envision the characters, so hopefully You won't be lost. Just be prepared for a lot of lore when researching Darksiders

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