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lucy pose..

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2020-04-29


drew this lil gem of the dog I love..


  • dnprostudio May 2

    so nice draw for this lucy

    pencil recreations May 2

    glad to have your like DN Lucy she is one of three terries we have had over thelast 28 years ,Deefa dog ,and Scamp were the other two family members gone to doggy heaven..

  • deathlouis Apr 30

    Truly beautiful realism, the tone and shading is absolutely wonderful, seriously amazing artwork!! =)

    pencil recreations May 4

    Thanks Dl really happy to have your comment ..She is a great lil dog...

    pencil recreations May 4

    Hey Dl so good to have your comment on this one ...hey can you submit a yellow drawing or some thing yellow for the latest game I am trying to create a little bit more involvement in this area..would be great if you could contribute ..

  • trevorp May 1

    Lovely artwork Nev. It really helps when you also love the actual subject of your drawing. Well done on the shading. Turned out really well with the tone and detail as well :-)

    pencil recreations May 4

    Thanks Trev appreciated...yes like ow she turned out she is a lil champ..Hey Trev have you got a drawing or do one for the yellow game now on ..I nominated and put one in to get more artist involved would be great to have you aboard...

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