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By trevorp
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2020-04-26


Graphite pencil drawing of a dreaded Terror Bird.


  • dnprostudio Apr 29

    great wip for this bird

    trevorp Apr 30

    Glad you think this is a good drawing :-)

  • pencil recreations Apr 28

    As always Trev your fine artwork is just so well done ...Still to finish will see..

    trevorp Apr 28

    Thanks Nev:- am really taking my time on this one. Lots still to do!

    trevorp Apr 29

    Thanks Nev;- always strive to add loads of detail in my drawings. It shouldn’t take too long to finish this drawing. Time will ultimately tell if the extra bit of patience is worth it.

  • deathlouis Apr 28

    This is truly wonderfully done, its actually really realistic looking, the amount of details and the expression, amazing artwork!! =)

    trevorp Apr 29

    Glad you really like this drawing. Found image of a Terror Bird from Walking with Beasts Book I had. Wanted to make this drawing look as realistic as I could. Hoping it will turn out okay in the end. Stay tuned....

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