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#6Fanart Challenge

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2020-04-11


I'm taking part in some of these Internet challenges to keep my creative flow fresh. So after I heard about this #6Fanarts thing, I went on Facebook and asked my friends and family to throw some characters out at me. From top left to right: The Child (Mandalorian), Trevor Belmont (Castlevania), Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy), a Porg (Star Wars), Princess Mononoke (same title), The Guy (Disturbed's mascot). Might do another one later if the inspiration strikes me, but this was just a quick thing to fill my time and practice characters I've never done before (anime style is still a weakness of mine). Speedpaint: Coming Soon!


  • dnprostudio Apr 16


  • pencil recreations Apr 12

    Beautifully done so many characters and so finely done ..Proves I don't get out much only know 2 of these.. love the child especially the mandalorean was great you are very talented...

  • misuto379 Apr 14

    So cool

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