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Perfect moments in time

Type: photo Uploaded: 2020-04-09


Right now being at the beach never seemed so right can almost smell the air, hear the sound of the waves, perhaps a slight sea breeze, the sun at your back, and just feel the serenity of just being there.. Taken the last time I was in Hastings point...

Challenge: pencil recreations VS trevorp


  • dnprostudio Apr 15

    beautiful beach photo

    pencil recreations Apr 18

    yes there are some truly pristine and beautiful beachs in Australia..thanks for the comment ..Wish I could be on one right now but isolating over 70..for now at least...

  • trevorp May 16

    Congrats Nev:- on winning the lovely beaches challenge - I think that the beach photo that you took simply was outstanding. Well done!

    pencil recreations May 16

    Thanks Trev we have the best beaches in my opinion in the world ..Given a differnt feel the votes could have swung the other way...I think beach pics are a mood enhanser where turbulance or peace can captivate the mind through the eyes and feelings at that particular time ..but bottom line my friend it was just so good to share the time with you regardless of the outcome....

  • trevorp May 1

    Have to say I think this beach looks majestic in every way. Love the open expanse and the feel of a beach that stretches as far as the eye can see. Just needed one lone seagull in mid flight :-) to truly make it look as if was one of those iconic Australian beaches.

    pencil recreations May 2

    Hmmm!!! yes Trev maybe not iconic but Australia is blessed with pristine beachs ...sorry I think the sea gulls were probably down the other end of the beach with the fishermen, least there were 3 or so people in the distance ..lucky blighters..I miss the sea shore ,sand,breezes, smells mmm ,so good to get to see photos occassionly as a reminder of what is out there waiting for our next holiday...Thank you for the memories you have created with your comment...

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