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Symbiote Specimen #3: Toxin

Type: craft Uploaded: 2020-04-06


Entry 3 for the symbiote sculpture series! We have Toxin, the offspring of Carnage and grandchild of Venom. But unlike its predecessors, it's host taught it right from wrong at the beginning. This makes Toxin the first symbiote to be more of a hero from the start. I tried to convey that through his shapes, being alert but no necessarily hostile. Very much a mixture of my Venom and Carnage pieces. Also, I know that head is kinda jacked. I don't why it didn't turn out that great. Body made from floral wire and aluminum foil, polymer clay, acrylic paint, hot glue and a glass clock dome. Stay tuned for more!


  • dnprostudio Apr 14

    wow so great crafting for this

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