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By trevorp
Type: photo Uploaded: 2020-03-30


Photograph of my pet cat Molly - having a big yawn after a big stretch.


  • dnprostudio Apr 4

    nice shot for this cat yawn

    trevorp Apr 4

    Am glad that you like this photo

  • pencil recreations Apr 9

    Hi Trev I have posted under hi my friend the friendly challenge ..mucked up the name should have been beach fun...but hope you can find it … Seeing the beach's reminds me of the freedom we had and how easy it is to lose it ...Molly has her claws out ...could be a good stoush...

    trevorp May 6

    Hey Nev ;- have to say that I think that our recent challenges have stalled.... unsure as to whether there is some technical issue and people can't vote ATM. It baffles me. Guess we will need to focus on doing more artworks in the meantime.

    pencil recreations May 8

    Yeah Trev tend to agree.. and yes we will have to wait and see ..The yellow game has attracted a lot more interest this time so artists are still out there ..just gotta motivate them to vote and participate .Might send a memo to Tomas and ask..Not to worried about it has been fun to have interchange in verbal and art with you...

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