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By trevorp
Type: photo Uploaded: 2020-03-15


Photograph of my pet cat called Daisy.


  • dnprostudio Mar 18

    nice photo for this cat

    trevorp Mar 18

    Thanks - she is a pretty little cat

  • pencil recreations Mar 16

    What big eyes you have daisy ,keeping a close eye on Trev and the dino challege….boy these voters are slow still hanging in there I am. surprised a little with the evens for now....and some up, some down ...hope all is well with you and your family in light of the current Covid 19..stay safe.

    trevorp Mar 16

    Daisy certainly has very big eyes and she is keeping a very close watch on our Dino Challenge. Am certainly shocked by voting overall for a lot of the challenges. People seem to be worried about the world ending ATM... hoping both you your family are all okay with everything that is going on

    trevorp Mar 18

    Daisy is still waiting to see how all of our challenges will go. Guess the challenges have stalled now as the dreaded Covid 19 virus takes the centre stage. Hopefully the madness will end soon. Want things to return to normal.

  • NanRose Mar 15

    Hello Sweet Pea (Daisy)

    trevorp Mar 16

    She certainly is a sweet little pea :-)

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