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Invisible Man Sketch

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2020-03-13


I saw the new Invisible Man movie a little while ago. Surprisingly, I really liked it! I thought it was a clever way to reboot an old idea for a newer audience, while still being creative and full of tension. Highly recommend! My only complaint was the Invisible Man himself. I didn't expect the maniacal character from the original, but he's just not as iconic here (in appearance either). So to show off my love, I sketched the original version. Made with ink.


  • dnprostudio Mar 14

    amazing work for this draw the invisible man

  • Shane224 Mar 19

    My regards to you, for more conversation email me back ( Thanks.

  • pencil recreations Mar 14

    Nicely done ..not familiar with this character or this movie or the original ..and after seeing the preview though I might not enjoy a movie in this genre maybe I am not a scary movie follower ...thought it a little to heart pumping Hey I am getting old ..LoL

    Armorwing Mar 14

    The original isn't that scary by today's standards, it's rather campy and fun. The newer one definitely has more suspense and tension, though I personally didn't find it too scary (but I'm the wrong person to ask if something is scary).

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