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By trevorp
Type: photo Uploaded: 2020-03-06


Photograph of my pet cat Daisy on her scratching post recently.


  • dnprostudio Mar 11

    nice photo for this cat

    trevorp Mar 11

    Glad you like this photo :-)

  • Art of Chiara Mar 25

    Nice ;)

    trevorp Mar 25

    Thanks :-)

  • pencil recreations Mar 7

    Daisy is very Photogenic Trev...looks like she owns the place as she surveys from hey perch.. Think she is loved knows it and is spoilt.... done a picture will post shortly when I bravely step into the trevorp dino den.. (Boy they sure take their time with the voting)..(.and seems nearly every time I get put up against Snake for the challenge )..anyways my friend it will be fun..

    trevorp Mar 7

    Daisy certainly likes having her photo taken Nev. I think she owns the place and makes some room for us. She is definitely spoilt by my wife and I. Will be nice to have a friendly Dino Drawing Challenge with you as it is always fun to pit my artwork against your work. The challenges are not any issue or problem as I know you aren’t a die hard when it comes to challenges. It is always tough when you are up against Snake. I have only beaten him once. Think it may have been by accident not design. Look forward to our next challenge again soon mate :-)

    pencil recreations Mar 7

    Yep know what you mean we spoil our jack Russell and yes she sleeps inside now and is spoilt as well,, gotta love them...yes it is friendly my friend and a chance to return some points to you this time I think anyways the game is afoot....and I am not really die hard just like drawing sometimes time catch's me out ...and so many challenges to give practice to different subjects .I really appreciate the time we are having....and yes Snake is as close to one of if not in my opinion the best artist on portraits on this site...Am amazed how the votes go sometimes anyways catch up shortly Nev ... .

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