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suggestions for a redesign?

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2020-02-26


This is Titan. He’s from a story that takes place in a robot utopia the future 2000 years after a robot revolution. This guy here was the one who started the revolution, so he’s a very major character. And uh, he looks pretty bad... His design does not match the importance of his role. So, I really need some critiques on this, because this design needs a serious overhaul. Also, this is the first mecha I’ve ever designed, which is probably why he looks so bad. I wanted him to look kinda like a gundam, but not one of the ones that have super crazy detail. Just detailed enough to look badass, but not just a big fighting machine. This character is not a suit, he’s sentient and has a personality. He’s basically a war mech that gained a consciousnesses and wants to fight for robot rights. I should probably also mention that I really want him to have a face under his battle mask. With a face, he feels more like a person and not like a suit. Anyways, yea, I really need critiques, preferably from people who are into drawing big anime-ish mechas.


  • dnprostudio 29 Feb 2020

    great work for this digital art work

  • Shane224 Mar 19

    My regards to you, for more conversation email me back ( Thanks.

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