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Abby the Red Fox

By NanRose
Type: craft Uploaded: 2020-02-08


This is a smaller picture all created with resin beads, glued on, one bead at a time.


  • dnprostudio Feb 11

    nice picture for the fox

    NanRose Feb 11

    I almost threw "Abby" away. It at first didn't look real. Looked Cartoonish. But I'm glad I stuck with it and finished it. She is a cute girl. Thank you for commenting.

  • pencil recreations Feb 19

    again so very impressive ….Trevorp works in very fine detail as are his dinosaurs you both are so talented and patient...and 80,ooo for the

    NanRose Feb 20

    Thank you Trevorp. I'm working on a black and white Tiger. It is an unusual piece. It will take a few more weeks before I finish. I will call him "Myan" which in Thai means Tiger

  • trevorp Feb 9

    Nice work - particularly with all the beading that you have done here. Great to see all your effort has paid off

    NanRose Feb 11

    You are really kind. Thank you! I feel the same way about your work.

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