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Blue Eye Leopard Part 2 Close up

By NanRose
Type: craft Uploaded: 2020-01-30


I needed to post a close up of the Blue Eyed Leopard to show the true concept of how these portraits are created. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed creating them.


  • dnprostudio Feb 4

    so really great art work this craft

    NanRose Feb 6

    Thank you.

  • pencil recreations Apr 9

    Yes your work is most enjoyable and nicely done this one Nan.. you certainly are out in a class of your own.. and I understand about the closeness of your work.. where do you live ..?..

  • trevorp Feb 2

    Nice work around the leopard’s eye.

    NanRose Feb 2

    The thing about my showing my work is that I need to do "close ups" in order for people to see the actual beads. Otherwise, from a distance my portraits look like just a photo. Thank you for your comment.

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