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By trevorp
Type: photo Uploaded: 2020-01-30


A photo of a Lego version of the fastest ship in the Star Wars Galaxy.

Challenge: snakedaemon VS trevorp


  • dnprostudio 3 Feb 2020

    nice millenium falcon photo

    trevorp 3 Feb 2020

    Glad you like this photo of the Millennium Falcon - am proud of the way it finally turned out.

  • NanRose 30 Jan 2020

    Very clean and meticulous. And, as I've said, pretty cool ! Anything worth while takes time to create. You did a good job !

    trevorp 31 Jan 2020

    Thanks for your nice comments. This was a birthday present. Feel as if I was able to do this ship the full justice it deserved. It was a labour of love in many ways.

  • NanRose 30 Jan 2020

    That's pretty cool......

    trevorp 30 Jan 2020

    Thanks - it took me between 7-8 hours to build.

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