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By trevorp
Type: photo Uploaded: 2020-01-20


Photograph of a very weird looking sculpture down beside a local beach.

Challenge: pencil recreations VS trevorp


  • dnprostudio 27 Jan 2020

    so great photo shot

    trevorp 27 Jan 2020

    Thanks - glad you like this photo I took.

  • pencil recreations 28 Jan 2020

    yep ok it's in the challenge finder Trev...again just for fun...I cannot remember where in New South Wales it was ..A country town where we stopped for lunch coming back from Melbourne 3 years ago and went for a walk and came across this little weirdy..Took a picture and that was that.. Anyways up to you my man...

    trevorp 29 Jan 2020

    Found your unusual statue or sculpture - Nev. Have now opted to take up a new challenge with you - so lets wait and see who actually manages to win this one... Time will tell :-)

  • pencil recreations 27 Jan 2020

    yeah funny how one comes across unusual sculpture..I have one and I think I will chase it up and give you a bow peep..maybe another unusual challenge...They are a bit slow voting...what beach?

    trevorp 27 Jan 2020

    Certainly was very odd seeing this weird or strange sculpture - Spotted this near the Coast Guard Tower that is not far from MM Beach at Port Kembla. Would make an interesting challenge with photos of quite bizarre sculptures.

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