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Shower scene

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2020-01-20


Janet Leigh out of the Hitchcock thriller of my earlier drawings.. Maybe up for the challenge bit of fun ..not playing for a sheep station..

Challenge: snakedaemon VS pencil recreations


  • dnprostudio 20 Jan 2020

    so nice draw

    pencil recreations 18 Feb 2020

    Thanks DN been away for a while on Norfolk isle just gettng back into the swing ..thals for your comments and checkin out my gallery been a bit slow in drawing will try to get back into it...Nev

  • deathlouis 20 Jan 2020

    I really like the style, you've given so much texture and expression, wonderful detail, truly great artwork!!

    pencil recreations 18 Feb 2020

    Did this in a joint drawing with Jamie lee ..the game only wanted one scream so left Jamie out might post the full version.. The contest was sad I was away for te week and ony just posted to find I had the only entry...would have liked to see what you could have created on the Samurie and the Geisha..anywats Dl Later...

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