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By NanRose
Type: craft Uploaded: 2020-01-17


Diamond Painting: Over 80,000 drill beads (Resin Beads) put on, one bead at a time. Three months to create. What appears to be a picture is really all done in beads.

Challenge: NanRose VS Armorwing


  • dnprostudio 18 Jan 2020

    nice crafting the hunter

    NanRose Jan 29

    Thank You

  • pencil recreations Jan 27

    Hi Nan ...your lion a diamond painting drill bead never seen one or heard of anyone till now doing this ..Take a beady eye to pick an oil / bead difference well done ...Nice to see and will be nice to see more of your work..3months ..I take time sometimes but not quite that long with the pencil.. Hey catch up again will watch and wait and see ..Great work this one and I am not should do a challenge I have a couple on the go at the moment ...Later Rose..Nev

    NanRose Jan 29

    Thank you! I went to your page and "Oh My", what wonderful pieces of art. Such Talent.

    pencil recreations Mar 2

    hi Nan sorry for reply late ,have been over to Norfolk Island during Feb...beautiful time and since coming back have just started to catch up.. my what a great happy you like my arty works .made my day....catch up again shortly...nev

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