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Dark Souls 3 - High Lord Wolnir.

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2020-01-13


My drawing of high lord wolnir from the game dark souls 3.

Challenge: deathlouis VS Armorwing


  • dnprostudio 15 Jan 2020

    wow amazing work for draw the dark souls

  • trevorp 15 Jan 2020

    Am amazed by your attention to detail. So much intricate work here. Must have spent many hours on this artwork. Bet you must be pleased with the overall result. It was worth the effort.

    deathlouis 15 Jan 2020

    I truly appreciate that so much, most definitely, I always still see so much to improve on though, which is good, the little skulls definitely took me the longest, I'm so glad you like it, thank you ever so much!! =)

  • Quasar 20 Jan 2020

    Very good drawing !

    deathlouis 22 Jan 2020

    I really appreciate that, thank you!!

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