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By trevorp
Type: photo Uploaded: 2020-01-08


Photograph of my pet cat Daisy in her basket


  • dnprostudio 11 Jan 2020

    nice shot for this cat

    trevorp 13 Jan 2020

    She certainly likes sleeping in her basket.

  • pencil recreations 15 Jan 2020

    gonna submit a domestic cat my man give you something to draw to ...seen your gallery sooooo we will see....

    trevorp 15 Jan 2020

    Okay then. Let me know when you are up for another new challenge. Happy to do a domestic cat one.

  • pencil recreations 15 Jan 2020

    Nothing works better for me but will let you know when I have a challenge picture done ..great to have fun with you trev..have drawn only one cat in my time so maybe I will find the drawing and issue the challenge...will come back shortly...

    trevorp 15 Jan 2020

    Am sure that we can have another challenge... happy for it to be a domestic cat or even a lion or tiger. Am sure that it will turn out to be another interesting challenge. Let me know when you are ready for another go mate. Happy to respond in kind. Cheers from Trev

  • pencil recreations 8 Jan 2020

    "Pawfect Trev".. love the angle...Very relaxed pussy cat ( Oh When you clobber me in the giraffe challenge maybe a feline one might happen ..Promise I will try harder. but have Only ever drawn one so might need to practice...)..

    trevorp 9 Jan 2020

    Glad you find it purrfect Nev - Do you think she look relaxed? For mind she looks as if she is queen of her domain, but I suppose that she looks fairly relaxed. Normally she is very hypo. Happy to do a feline challenge with you if you feel as if that would work better for you. Let me know what type of cat you intend to draw. Cheers from Trev.

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