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CATS Character Design: The Standouts

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2019-12-05


Part 4 of my CATS Musical character designs. Long story short, the 2019 movie's designs are questionable at best and I think I can do better. I still stand by what I said about this being better suited for an animated film. (From top left to right) Macavity: the main antagonist of the story, Macavity is a cunning and vicious criminal. Untrackable by any law enforcement, he's almost entirely free to cause mayhem and heartbreak wherever he goes. Mr. Mistoffeles: another mysterious cat but far more benevolent, Mistoffeles is a young cat with exceptional magical abilities. Though he mosty keeps to himself, he proved his abilities to all cats whe he brought Old Deuteronomy back from Macavity's grasp. Munkostrap: a strong and noble cat who acts as protector and voice of the Jellicles. He appears to be the most down to earth of the cats. Mungojerrie & Rumpleteazer: two mischievous petty criminals that are a great annoyance to both cat and human alike. They often get away with their crimes due to looking so similar that it's hard to tell which one committed the act. Rum Tum Tugger: the infamous swaggering tom of the Jellicles. Adored by the young females, yet barely tolerated by anyone older than a kitten. He's a hot mess that still thinks he's the best thing ever. Speedpaint:


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