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Stoned monkey

Type: contest Uploaded: 2019-11-25


Was not sure what the theory was behind this but I know if one drinks enough one gets stoned very easy especially if you monkey around with any bottles of any alcohol in any quantity..add a glass in ones hand and whoo !!! happy days...and works on monkeys to...…. apparently..... ( and with no joints involved except your arms and legs.... ..)


  • TWINS2 Dec 27

    Merry (late) Christmas to you too..:) and I completely forgot the last competition - But I am participating in the current competition!.. and I wish you also a happy new years eve.:)

  • TWINS2 Nov 29

    You're welcome and good luck with the upcoming subjects .. I will definitely participate again (if I don't forget .. :)

    pencil recreations Dec 20

    No problem yes catch up again... and Happy Christmas

  • TWINS2 Nov 27

    You are absolutely right ... frankly I completely forgot! But despite the fact that you are now the only one taking part, I think you did a really great job!

    pencil recreations Nov 28

    Ha ha!!!!!!!!!! thanks for that twins really appreciated the comment ..was worried everyone had closed up their art boxs on this one ..I really just drew it and then .."what no one else "so time hope to engage with you on the next or future subjects...again thank you drawing on straight subjects is not really my best fortay but I try ...should give you 20 points but 10 is all they allow ..hope to catch up with you sometime again..your on my list....Nev..

  • pencil recreations Nov 26

    Come on you guys, one is not enough, (that's why a few beers are better)you guys and girls are so talented, so get involved ..I just drew this real quick to at least get one drawing in.......

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