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The Doctor Enermies and that girl

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2019-10-06


Loved it when Rose was in it, she is hot, (can I say that) and just loved Doctor Who in general Iconic tv Show but just think David T.was one of the best ,as was Tom and the Capaldi gent …little put together with Rose and friends....hope you like it ...Nev


  • dnprostudio 11 Oct 2019

    so really nice draw this drawing the girl and the doctor

    pencil recreations 20 Dec 2019

    Thanks Dn I think this Doctor and girl assistent is the best ..loved drawing them and yhey came out the way I wanted..hey thanks for the support and best Christmas wishes to your photography

  • zilmari 17 Oct 2019

    Very cool tribute work there.

    pencil recreations 20 Dec 2019

    Thanks Zilmari for the comment appreciated

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