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My Trophy!

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2019-09-22


So the new Dark Crystal prequel series might just be the best new thing ever! I was intrigued by the trailers, but never thought I'd be so sucked into the whole thing. I've binged the whole season about 5 times already and I really hope a second season could be possible. But out of all the new characters introduced, the Hunter skekMal has to be one of my favorites. A terrifying skeksis that prefers to spend his days away from the others in the castle and hunt whom he believes to be worthy warriors. I never thought you could make skeksis more scary, but seeing one effortlessly swing through trees did just that. But that's what happens when I get a skeksis that's basically a Predator. I want to make many more pieces around the series. I couldn't quite decide on the composition of the piece, but this will do for now. I chose to do the scene where skekMal hunts one of the main heroes Rian. Speedpaint:

Challenge: Richard J Willis VS Armorwing


  • dnprostudio 23 Sep 2019

    wow so really great painting for this picture, cool

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