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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2019-08-23


Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis...they were iconic comedians from last century....

Challenge: snakedaemon VS pencil recreations


  • dnprostudio 27 Aug 2019

    nice expression for two man

    pencil recreations 8 Sep 2019

    Was a fun draw at the time and I reckon they look like a mirror image Hey thanks for the comment dn..used to watch these guys back in the last century ..boy that seems such a long time ao...

  • trevorp 23 Aug 2019

    Nice expressions in this one. The green background looks very cool.

    pencil recreations 8 Sep 2019

    adds to the effect ...seems pencil is a dying form tosome extent seems to be the newer norm..anyways we like pencil and that is all that matters,,Thanks for the comment Trev ..your art is very cool ...Nev

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