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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2019-07-22


My skull drawing in a dark style with colour.


  • dnprostudio Jul 24

    so fantastic drawing the skull

    deathlouis Jul 24

    Thank you very much!

  • trevorp Jul 26

    Appreciate your very kind comments as per my "talent"- but let me assure you that you are much more talented than I am. Keep up your fabulous artwork in the interim or meantime.

    deathlouis Jul 30

    You're very welcome! And aww though I still like your artwork more, I truly appreciate your words! Thank you ever so much!!

  • trevorp Jul 25

    Nice detail. I really like the intricacies with the beaded chain or necklace. Also the textured look is fantastic. Extremely well done. Keep up all the great work :-)

    deathlouis Jul 25

    That truly means the world to me, especially from someone as talented as you! Thank you so much for your wonderful words, really glad you like it!! =)

  • WoodyWelch Jul 23

    Love the macabre attitude by placing the skull in clothing....wonderfully creepy!

    deathlouis Jul 23

    Thank you so much, really glad you like it, it means alot!!

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