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Type: digital art Uploaded: 2019-07-04


realized in Super Atomic Photoshop


  • dnprostudio Jul 6

    waw so interesting an nice the liz of the junggle digital art

    WoodyWelch Jul 6

    Thank you for your kind comments :)

  • jasondavid Jul 5

    reminds me of Boris Vallejo or frank Frazetta

    WoodyWelch Jul 6

    That was certainly the inspiration...I'm experimenting with photographing imagery and putting them together and "touching them up" in the computer to look like art from paperback pulp bokk covers.

  • pencil recreations Aug 4

    am amazed how I recognize your art work Woody and as always just so amazing and detailed...great to catch up my friend...

    WoodyWelch Aug 7

    Well this one is a mash up of painting and photography all blended together in Photoshop...I'm always experimenting....:)

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