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Angeloe - Reference Sheet

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2019-03-13


It's about damn time I made a ref for my best boy! Let's just jump into the info! Angeloe is a Red-Scaled Fighting Dragon. This species is commonly found along the northern end of the Rocky Mountains, though some have been found along the eastern end of North America. Lacking in thick scales, they instead have thicker skin with smooth scales. Rigid underscales and bony protrusions along their spine protect from most attacks.They possess massive paws capable of splitting a pine in half with one blow. They're even capable of piercing rock with their thick claws to climb the rugged mountains they live amongst. The tail ends in a bony spade commonly used for defense, but has been observed as extra purchase during mountain scaling. True to their name, these dragons possess uniquely red scales, claws and horns. During development, all bony protrusions are covered in a special felt material that supplies extra nutrients to the areas for extra strength. Once hatched, this felt quickly falls off, leaving red stains behind. However, this color does fade throughout their life; from bright red at birth, dulling down until the oldest dragons have pale protrusions. This is a rare sight, asmost don't lie to be so old. Being Fighting Dragons, this species is very aggressive and territorial. Outside of mating season, they prefer a solitary lifestyle and will attack other dragons in their territory. Known for being a stubborn species, many of these fights only end when one or both dragons is unable to continue, either from death or dying shortly after from their wounds. Angeloe, being hatched and raised among humans in a military base, is more tolerant of others. He is, however, very confident, a bit full of himself and can be aggressive when irritated. But most of the time he's pretty laid-back and a bit of a smartass. Some may find his antics annoying, but they're mostly harmless. He's excellent at combat and aerial maneuvers, but lacks discipline. Let's just say his rider needs a lot of patience to work with him. Hatchling Info: Average land speed: 30 mph. Average flight speed: 100 mph. Average height: 20 ft. Average weight: 7,000 lbs. Average wingspan: 75 ft. Color Variation: black that appears dark violet or blue in the light, red bony protrusions and claws, pale gray stripe down the neck and back, gray designs along the neck (for attracting mates), vibrant eyes ranging from violet to blue. Raze Ref:


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    so great project for the dragon character

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