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The Raven Sorceress, Koraki

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2018-12-20


This is an illustration of a new character of mine! As the title implies, she is a super powerful sorceress who excels in wind and darkness magic. Her name is Koraki and I hope you like her design! Hero: How dare you work on creating whole new stories when you still haven't finished mine?! <Slaps> Me: IM SORRYYYYYYYYYY <much shame> Anyway, if you want to see exclusive sneak peeks at my works, become my patron for as low as $1 a month! and earn tickets to win FREE merchandise from me :D


  • dnprostudio Dec 21

    the picture is really good, if it's improved and sharpened again it can definitely be better, good work

    FaerieWarrior Dec 23

    thanks :3

  • No comments.

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