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ReminorBand's "Courier": Fish

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2018-11-13


I just discovered this YouTube channel called ReminorBand and I'm in love with their latest project, a short film called "Courier". I just had to draw their main character, whom I’ve only seen referred to as “Fish”. From what I can gather, the plot is about a young man who gets a job as a courier under a mysterious creature. Unfortunately, he must complete his job in the form of an insect-like quadruped with the head of an angler fish. If that wasn’t bad enough, it seems that there’s untold dangers to the job. But quitting is easier said than done. The art style is this gritty black and white sketch look, and I absolutely love it. It’s like a dark fairy tale. I thought I'd do them a favor and promote their work. Check out their YouTube for music and updates to the film (look up Courier Reports). Also consider their Patreon to assist in the production. YT: Pareon:


  • dnprostudio 14 Nov 2018

    very cool this character , nice

  • czmanga 7 Dec 2018

    Amazing Job!

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