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"Angel", 2018

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2018-08-07


Angel drawn in pencil and graphite on paper. My first one.


  • dnprostudio Mar 5

    so beautiful angle picture

    codymarmon Mar 8

    Thank you, she was a little testy, but I finally got her done my way. hahaha!

  • TWINS2 10 Aug 2018

    Nice stand:)

    codymarmon Mar 8

    Stand? Dude! That's cold! lol

  • TWINS2 Apr 16

    I meant that your angel has a beautiful pose and that you have portrayed it well. (stupid automatic correction;) Oh.. and I am a lady dude

    codymarmon May 20

    Dudette, then. lol

  • TWINS2 May 31

    Haha :) Yep!

  • codymarmon Apr 17

    Oops! I have been corrected! No hard feelings!

  • codymarmon 21 Aug 2018

    Ouch! Feel the love, huh? lol

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