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God Of Fire

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2018-08-05


1 week without a new drawing, my God, I wouldn't have believed it, because already with the workshop & this new idea of going to art school to see if it's a possibility, but well, with all this mess & the current state of mind, I'm coming across a very classy music already listening to on Hot Fuzz without knowing the title of the latter, so, by dint of touring in circles & loop with my problems with music, at the beginning I wanted to make an Instabulk, but it was so huge that it was necessary to continue on my throw, and here is my God Of Fire drawing, then basic, I would have liked to call it just FIRE, but since I already have a drawing that is called like that, I might as well make some originality & to take again the atmosphere of the music, whose story makes me think that the God of Fire dances like a madman with a satan with lots of people like Sabbath in Devilman Crybaby, I would have loved to make animation out of it, a kind of animated music video, because I have so many images in my head that I want it to come to life, it's even thanks to these images in my head that I manage to be creative & of my old & new basic inspiration that still make my universe, but that, it may be in the future ^^ about this people, Have a good day or evening wherever you are, Darkin Kimiro was going AV59 & don't forget, Improvised, it's art ^^


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