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Lost Darkin Mind

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2018-07-04


FINALLY, I did it, not of God, I am happy, well, to explain my happiness, when I had read the Devilman manga, he had a lot of image of this last one which had marked me a lot, of which one in particular as you can see in this drawing, I made again a square where Arika begins to become desperate & does not know what to do with Amon, his demonic double, after it is that I felt, because there are several ways to see this image, a man who loses something important, to the point of becoming broken and lost of all reality and reason, it looks more like intellectual masturbation at this level, but nothing to do, because I found this image very striking, like many others elsewhere, after, I did not help myself to put my touch of happiness LSD Colors, because already surrealist like that, I might as well overdose and then tell myself that I did not take too much, but no need, my only real drugs are my inspirations on art as good as bad, including a love of the psychedelic Hippie of the 60s that I grew up with and makes my hyperactivity controllable, art has helped me a lot and I hope it will continue, about this people, Have a good day or evening wherever you are, Darkin Kimiro was going AV59 & don't forget, Improvised, it's art ^^


  • dnprostudio 18 Jul 2019

    great work

  • TWINS2 16 Jul 2018

    Your welcome:)!

  • TWINS2 12 Jul 2018

    That's a shame: your style, how you create a piece of art is quite amazing- sometimes I wish I had your freestyle, easygoing drawing style. It's modern, but nevertheless YOURS! Never forget that.. and keep improving and most of all have fun!

    Darkin Kimiro (AV59) 13 Jul 2018

    It's very nice to have this kind of comment, because it encourages me to continue my work without getting too caught up in what people think of my drawings ^^

  • TWINS2 10 Jul 2018

    You can clearly see that you were happy to make this drawing. Keep it up :)

    Darkin Kimiro (AV59) 10 Jul 2018

    THANK YOU, It's been a long time since I've had any comments in this site, it's very nice ^^

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