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Mothers Day-Miranda and Elneva

Type: painting Uploaded: 2018-06-10


Hand-painted artwork for last moths Mother's Day,May 13th 2018. that depicts the reunion and reconcilation between Euralien's fifth mate Miranda and her daughter Elneva. There once was yellow,white fiery dragoness named Elneva,who was the eldest daughter of Euralien by Miranda.A daughter who was by her mother's opinion the most fairest female among all her daughters and as such deserve a proper mate.In her mother's opinion she was supposed to be mated with a strong,wealthy and powerful dragon whose power equals her father Maleg'Oren the Stellarstrider,but her daughter didn't share her mother's opinion that a male is to be her potential mate and she was about to find that out. Elneva had a great attractions for females and she became awere of that by chance when she met a particular red female dragon that came living with her stepfamily in Buyan Kingdom.She was so smithen by that female that wanted to approach her and share a direct kiss with her right there right now.They started off at first as good friends and as time went by the pair started to openly show signs of love and longing for one another and that scared her abit.What would her family think about that if they find out. She approached her elder brother Urthamiel,the eldest son of Euralien and his first mate Vilina,she talked with him about the matter and asked for an advice about how she should confess this to their parents,and her dear brother who loves her no matter what,advised her to tell the truth and face with everything that comes afterwards. She then approached her father Euralien and told him everything about how she feels about girls and how she loves that red dragoness and how much she would like to share her life with her despite both of them being girls.Euralien was rather worried because he knew that Miranda wouldn't like it if she find out,and at the same time sad because her eldest daughter won't be having little dragonets when it comes that she will be desiring dragonets herself.He loves his daughter and knows that she is more interested in girls then boys and he only want her to be happy,but fears that it might cause problem within the family when Miranda starts causing problems over her daughter being in a relationship with a female.Sure Euralien is king and his word is law and he can be very strict when needed,but Miranda would not accept it and tell some convincing lie to her powerful father and she would pull him into conflict between a father-in-law and a son-in-law,just like when she did once about Elneva being the best in her craft then Serra,daughter of Aurora,and that's the last thing they need for this time it might all end in blood. So the father and his beloved daughter made a plan to make her mother be convinced that a female mate can be just as rescourceful and able to take care of Elneva just as well as male can and there is no need to worry.They would make it like a kidnapping and both Urthamiel,Burnan and Adden will play a part. Then under cover of darkness,an intruder entered the castle,overpowered the guardians and captured Elneva whom it had sealed in crystal ball and ran away with her.Miranda was devastated and stricken with grief for her daughter and angerly demanded her husband to send the army after it,but Euralien calmly replays that there is no need to worry and then Vilina who was also by his side,as well as other mates did,started to read a letter from their beloved daughter that asured them that she is fine and that she menedged to escape her captor after giving him a shock of his life and was found by beautiful red dragon who's taking a good care of her.She also replays that she found a mate.Miranda was glad that her daughter was safe and overjoied that she finaly found herself a male that was able to take care of her and protect her.She decided to meet that male and give him his blessing,which made Euralien and other twitch in discomfort at the tought what my happen yet. One day when finaly came the time for Elvena to return home and introduce her parents with their new in-law,Miranda was splashed in heated realization that the red dragon she was refering to in her note was actually a female.Miranda was furious,she was angry at her daughter for courting a dragoness when it should have been a male by her choice.Miranda and Elneva started a heated discussion and before Euralien was able to defend his daughter,the mother disowned her daughter and demanded her king to banished her from Buyan Kingdom.Euralien did not like how Miranda acted irrationaly and instead of a banishment,he gave Elneva and her mate a place to stay in one villa outside of the castle.They shall stay there until the dust settles,Miranda accepts her daughters choice and mends her bond with her daughter. Miranda of course wasn't pleased with this and she was demanding to be banished,threatening that she will call upon her father to lay waste to this kingdom if her demands are not accepted.And Euralien,cunning as he is by expiriance with such matter offered her a bet.If the red dragoness proves able to take care of Elneva for nine months without the aid from their home and access to any rescources from king personally,it will be proven that the red dragoness is the better mate for their daughter and that the female can take a good care of his mate just as male can.And it will also mean that,if it is inspired by deepest love,even the homosexual relationship as legitimate as the marriage between straight couples.And so they agreed. The story is simply to long to tell it in full here,so sufice to say,Elneva and her mate meneged to survive,despite Miranda constantly cheating and making the situations of more dificult by the month,and they were allowed to return home as legit couple. Miranda apoligized to Elneva and to her mate and mother and daughter reconciled finaly and mother finaly accepted Elneva's love for females.And what's more,and what is a suprise to everyone,is the fact that the Elvena's female mate isn't completely female,but a hermaphrodite transsexual fe-male named Mirrodiir who once had a similar issues with her parents about her attraction to females then males,because withouth a male she wouldn't be able to lay eggs and make an ofspring,so she turned to semi-surgery for solution... in a way the red dragoness is physicaly a male and she is a perfect mate for their homosexual daughter.Mother and daughter reconcile and they hugged each other with Miranda accepting Elvana's homosexuallity and Mirrodiir as her chosen mate.The daughter bid her mother happy mother's day even though it was three weeks and nine months late. Here,I hope you like what I wrote her for the short story. As you know that Mother's Day was in May 13th but by that time I was on a field work on Medival fair in Dvigrad,working as my emplyer's page,a court servent to a knight.It was tough,more over I had two more weeks of hard labor on job repainting the booths and coloring the souvenirs and carrying stuff around and helping my co-worker also and going to other workshops,so it posponed the work on that hand-painted artwork until yesterday when I finaly finished the entire illustration between 14 PM and 3AM.But I finally menedged to completed that rather marvelous peace of work and place it here. Now I can move on to the next artworks. Oh and characters belong to me.Don't use them.


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