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Irish peeps chillin

Type: photo Uploaded: 2014-10-05


so this is me and my mate (friend) jmac!:D i'm the one wearing them glasses which i put them on me for a laugh even tho there my friends erica's hahaha Jmac is the one drinking c: bored so took this pic hope you like! ^^


  • SarembaArt 18 Aug 2015

    Cute photo!

  • Robespierre2014 13 Oct 2014

    Thanks and I also have to tell you, that your drawings are very nice and expressive. :-)

  • iloveanimexd 13 Oct 2014

    but i thank you for your honesty tho. So thanks and i respect your opinion

  • Robespierre2014 13 Oct 2014

    "It doesn't need anything brilliant or professional camera to taken by." I picture? Selfie? And that's art? Maybe I'm simply to old to understand. :-D But you're right, go on and have fun. My criticism was only a constructive note. :-)

  • Robespierre2014 9 Oct 2014

    Overexposed, no contrasts (look at the hand, the cup and the first face), some object over the first face ... Sorry, it`s not meant personally, but simply a technically poor photo.

  • Robespierre2014 9 Oct 2014

    Sorry, but a real bad photo.

  • Anonymous 5 Oct 2014

    Not sure what I'm supposed to say...

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