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Fuck You bb

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-11-28


people, I have just surpassed myself, I think I have done the most beautiful drawings I have ever done in my life after the "Darkzilla" & "This Reel Darkin", but here at the already my fantasies delirious furry, I always wanted to represent in my opinion, the most Badass female character that I always dreamed (even if it's a monster), to inspire by this drawing made by "Patto" (I found it on discord, suddenly, I do not know who does it, being the main inspiration of the drawing, I owe you a beer), ah and you have to ask yourself, who is?, I present to you, Kumo, which is equivalent to the opposite sex of my character Darkin, usually I really have trouble drawing women, for reasons that it is more 'hard' than making a guy, suddenly, this character is rarely there, but I start to put it back on the front of the stage, because having an opposite sex, it's always great, because I like it gender equality, especially if the latter is a tomboy (I'm not kidding ^^), and for the "Fuck You", it's just a reference of a great movie that I'll let you guess, at least, he may have the world in the comments for once, (finally after talking of the opposite sex, it will have atmosphere), on this people, I hope that this drawing will please you, and like my usual: Have a good day or evening or you are, AV59 ^^


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