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Just Homo Sapiens

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-11-22


It's been years since I always draw, and I did not really self-portrait at the height of my work, finally except that Darkin is an alter ego exaggerates myself, by dint of evolve & confidence in itself, I have to finish making my character better, because the time & the desire to make artistic decisions of the evolution of the character, (basically, it's like an indie game that is always in alpha with full super MAJ, but it takes a while for it to come out someday, and it's not now that it will happen) Anyway, with my friend Riyad Cherigui, to inspire me the drawing in question, because both, have is fan of Furry, finally it will have been to be noticed seen my character with a hangover, whereas it is a Dragon, in short, do not bother to tour around the bush, I just copy his drawing, spanking that I can do better: Make scribbles, but with style, (Then the fart public ✅), On this people, I hope that this style will please you, (and that my little comments accompany better summarize), Have a good day or evening or that you are, AV59 ^^


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